high quality match grade 10/22 rifle barrels
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Please note - 10/22 Rifle Barrels will have a Summer shut-down from Saturday, June 27th and returning on Monday, July 6th.
Any orders placed during this time will be addressed upon our return.


Welcome to FJ Feddersen, Inc.

Accurate and Affordable
10/22 Rifle Barrels

By F.J. Feddersen™


Our match-grade rifle barrels are designed for accuracy while blowing other manufacturer's rifle barrels out of the water with our affordable pricing.


With uniform bore diameters, our special rifling, our proprietary manufacturing processes, and bentz chambering, you can rely on your 10/22 rifle hitting the target every time.


accurate and affordable rifle barrels

Dale Arenson New World Record Holder uses 10/22 rifle barrel by Fred Feddersen

consistent accuracy with 10/22 rifle barrels

10/22 gun rifle barrels

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