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Dale Arenson
New World Record Holder

Light Gun .50 Caliber BMG
and 2012 FCSA Winner!


Dale Arenson 2012 FCS World Championship Winner


10/22 magnum barrel

winner with 10/22 barrel

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Also, in the 2011 FCSA Fall Regional 1000/600 yard match in Raton, NM (Sept. 23-25), Dale Arenson set a new Light Gun Score World Record of 298 with 18 X's (300 is a perfect score). Dale shot a 298-18X topping the previous record set 0f 297-12X set in 2007 by the Legendary Lee Rasmussen.


The Rifle barrel used was manufactured by Fred Feddersen. A 6‑groove 32-inch barrel with Gunsmithing by Dan Pedersen.


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